Our satsang is open to all adults 18 and above. We currently meet every other Tuesday at 7pm and are generously hosted by Imagine Therapy and Community at 734 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La. 70115 (check the google calendar below for the schedule).

Satsang meetings are a space to listen to the teachings of Ram Dass and related sources, to have meaningful discussions, to practice meditation and mindfulness, and to simply BE.

Ram Dass called upon a variety of spiritual traditions in his practice. In the same way, the satsang requires no creed or dogma–or even familiarity with Ram Dass–to attend. Donations are suggested as an offering to the host of the space but are not required. Offerings of potluck-style treats for after the meeting are also welcome.

If you haven’t already, please fill out the google form below so that we can get your info and keep in touch. There is also a private Facebook group we can add you to upon request. Email ramdassnola@gmail.com for details or questions.

This satsang was formed in coordination with Ram Dass’s foundation, Love Serve Remember.

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